Recipe: Bacon

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon



  1. Bacon cut, the size is just wrapped in fresh shellfish

  2. Fix with a toothpick

  3. Put a little olive oil in a non-stick pan, add in a fresh shellfish and sauté; fry until golden bacon

  4. Put in the oven 375F 焗 5 minutes

  5. Extrusion of lemon juice can be put on the pot


1. Bacon should not be over-wrapped, otherwise the inner layer of fat is not easy to force out, and the taste is slightly greasy; 2. If the fresh shell is small, fry can be cooked, and the oven can be omitted in one step. 3. The general rice restaurant is a starter. I usually choose the big fresh shell, and five or six can be used as a main dish. 4. Bacon itself has a fresh salty taste and does not require seasoning. Black pepper can be sprinkled at the end.

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