Recipe: Back to the pot

Home Cooking Recipe: Back to the pot



  1. Braised beef tendon cut 4 cm, sliced ​​with vegetables, peeled with shallots, ginger and shredded

  2. Add oil to the casserole, add a little onion, ginger and sizzling pot after slightly boiling. Add vegetables, stir fry with chopsticks, add braised beef tendon, pour hot into the wine, add the right amount of water after the scent, pour the seasoning Open the lid and cook for a little 3 minutes.


1, this dish really does not have much to say, because it is very simple, as long as you choose semi-finished seasoning according to your own taste, there is no bad. 2, the lo-mei taste is already cooked, so do not cook for too long, so as not to affect the taste.

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