Recipe: Back to the pot

Home Cooking Recipe: Back to the pot


First of all, you have to have a piece of marinated beef sirloin. It’s better to have a big pot of pork. You can’t eat too much meat a day. You can’t eat sirloin every day. It’s not fresh when you put it in the refrigerator, and finally it’s better to eat it. You can cut the batch and put the frozen to eat how much to thaw. Secondly, you have to have a side dish recommended: 藕: Crisp piece of meat and a piece of meat sandwiched with super good broccoli: don't always garlic, stir-fry the shrimp, occasionally change the taste Asparagus: Asparagus does not need water, small fire, asparagus, soft, and then braised pork and seasoning. The taste is stronger. Then you have to have homemade chili oil (simple version plus sesame complex version of the cooking oil can be) Just use Laoganma, but it is more salty and tastes too unique. The name of the recipe is estimated to be changed to Laoganma broccoli fried braised sirloin. In addition, the flavor of this recipe can actually be used as a separate burdock. Weier everyone is free to recommend Fangzi: Braised Meat Square: 43/ Homemade Chili Oil Square:



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Clean up broccoli, soak for 10 minutes with salt, simmer for 30s, hold cold water (guaranteed color), control water

    Clean up broccoli, soak for 10 minutes with salt, simmer for 30s, hold cold water (guaranteed color), control water

  2. Braised pork slices, you can have another knife in the middle, turn into thick garlic chopped

  3. Prepare seasoning: two tablespoons of chili oil, one spoonful of soy sauce, half a spoonful of vinegar, a little bit of sugar, stir evenly, taste taste (everyone tastes different, salty and salty, not enough spicy, can add some old dry mom too bitter sugar)

  4. Just a little bit of oil, garlic, fragrant, fried pork, to the skin, brown, broccoli, seasoning, stir-fry, evenly, you can thicken a thin layer (the taste is better hanging on the broccoli), you can also do more Out of the pot

  5. Photograph of asparagus before lengthening, asparagus, b-side dish, too much meat

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