Recipe: Back to the pan spicy chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Back to the pan spicy chicken wings


This dish is for the friend who wants to eat the pork but is afraid of fat. It is a combination of two kinds of Sichuan-style practices: dry pot and return pot. It is very fragrant and can be eaten. One person can basically eliminate such a plate ==



  1. The long chicken wings are divided into two sections in half, and then each half is divided into four sections. The two wattles are cut to length, the beans are chopped, the garlic is sliced,

  2. Chicken wings boiled for half an hour until fully cooked

  3. Into the oil, add 70% of the heat to add garlic, dried chili, pepper and saute, add the Pixian bean paste, and add chicken wings.

  4. Add a small amount of raw seasoning, add the two vitex and soymeal stir fry, put a little white sugar in the pot

  5. Let's enjoy it~


The [return pot] in Sichuan cuisine, that is, the ingredients are cooked and then returned to the pan to stir fry. This is also the difference between pork and salt fried meat, and the dry pot is fried with thick chicken wings, which is actually not healthy. So I use the pot to cook, and then use the dry pot of the ingredients, and finally must put sugar, the spicy taste is more outstanding ~ Slowly, I am exploring new ways, and always have to make progress to be fun~

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