Recipe: Back pot saury

Home Cooking Recipe: Back pot saury



  1. Saury, handle clean and cut a small section of about 1cm, use cooking wine, pepper, salt and marinate for 15 minutes, green garlic cut into sections

  2. Marinated saury uses kitchen paper towels to remove excess water

  3. Heat the oil in the pan and fry the fish to the surface.

  4. A little oil in the pot, sautéed onion ginger, and sautéed with soy sauce and spicy sauce.

  5. Pour into the saury and stir well

  6. The green garlic can be quickly sautéed for 30 seconds.


1) Soybean spicy sauce is not, bean paste, Laoganma can, I am Fulinmen 2) It is not only the pork belly can be returned to the pot, what potato chips, tofu skin, gluten can be returned to the pot, there is a pot back to the pot, so that Sichuan cuisine can be fully carried forward! 3) Spicy sauce is salty, so don't put salt on the back...

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