Recipe: Baby Recipes - Township Baked Eggs (Trick or Treat)

Home Cooking Recipe: Baby Recipes - Township Baked Eggs (Trick or Treat)


The baby does not like to eat boiled eggs, get some simmered eggs to her, delicious and convenient, one by one. This dish is suitable for babies who have grown up with more than one and a half years old.



  1. Cook the quail eggs, then rinse them with cold water repeatedly. The colder the eggshell, the better.

  2. Peel the quail eggs and put them in a small stockpot.

  3. Rinse the pepper, the anise, and the octagonal and throw it into the soup pot.

  4. Beer, pour into the stockpot.

  5. Bring the fire to a boil, and open the lid to taste the saltiness of the soup. When it is salty, add some sugar and lighten the salt. (Because each taste is different, adjust it yourself)

  6. Cook for another 40 minutes on low heat. Try it now ✌️


Suitable for babies over one and a half years old who have grown their teeth.

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