Recipe: Baby food supplement | tomato egg porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Baby food supplement | tomato egg porridge


The sunshine is really good these days, you can take the baby out and go to the sun to make up the calcium, it is beautiful! Fresh fruits and vegetables are more abundant in spring, and more fresh local vegetables can be used in the preparation of baby food supplements. Today is a very simple tomato porridge with tomatoes, eggs and some chopped green onions. The taste is sour and sweet, suitable for baby over 8 months, the baby will like it very much. The operation is very simple, choose this food supplement to save time and effort. Because egg white contains allergenic ingredients. 6 months ago, because the digestive system is not mature, the protein in the egg enters the blood directly through the intestinal wall, stimulating the production of antibodies in the body, causing eczema, allergic enteritis and other allergic phenomena. After half a year to 8 months, it can gradually Add egg yolk and add egg whites until you are 1 year old. Because the baby's gastrointestinal development is more perfect, it is possible that there will be no allergic reaction, but the specific situation is still to take care of the mother according to their baby's situation, mothers must judge for themselves that once the allergic phenomenon must stop and seek medical attention. Iron is one of the essential trace elements for baby's growth. After 6 months of aging, the iron stored in the mother's body is gradually consumed. It is necessary to rely on food for iron. Eggs are a good choice, but not as the first supplementary food. At the beginning, only 1/4 of the egg yolk can be ground and eaten, and gradually add 2/1 to 1 later. In addition, the baby does not eat eggs every day, will increase the burden on the kidneys and digestive tract, half a year to 1 year old baby can not exceed 1 egg yolk per day, and do not need to eat every day. A baby between 1 and 2 years old can eat whole eggs the next day. It is not advisable to eat fried eggs, and cooking with a small amount of olive oil is best. Here is a small trick. Try to soak the eggs for a while before cooking the eggs. The water should be foamed over the eggs. Otherwise, the protein will not easily solidify when it is not soaked, which will affect digestion and absorption. In addition, mothers should pay attention to not let the baby eat eggs when the baby is hot.



  1. Beat the eggs: Wash the eggs in a bowl, add chopped green onion and salt, and mix well;

  2. Tomato treatment: choose mature tomato, put it in hot water, peel it and peel it, take half and cut into small pieces;

  3. Scrambled eggs: Pour the olive oil into the pot, stir-fry the beaten eggs, and serve as spare;

  4. Continue to fry: re-pour the oil, stir-fry the tomato to the soup, add the fried eggs and continue to stir until evenly;

  5. Add staple food: mix with rice porridge rice or noodles. The effect of the picture is suitable for babies over 1 year old. 8-12 months, the baby should try to make it more broken. It can be broken with a food-feeding machine blender before eating to avoid coughing.


Xiaoyan: When frying, use a shovel to chop some. Baby over 1 year old is directly matched with rice porridge rice or noodles. 8-12 months baby is chopped and eaten; tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2, carrots. A variety of nutrients such as vegetarian, sweet and sour taste is also the reason why the baby likes, mothers may wish to try tomato foods too ~

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