Recipe: Baby food supplement rapeseed porridge (more than 12 months)

Home Cooking Recipe: Baby food supplement rapeseed porridge (more than 12 months)


Mushrooms are high in protein and low in fat. There is also a linalool that is lacking in common vegetables. It can be converted into vitamin D. This substance is absorbed by people and has a great effect on enhancing the ability of infants and young children to resist disease. The baby can't live without vitamin D. The mushroom is rich in vitamin D. It can prevent your baby from getting sick. Secondly, children who lack iron and zinc will grow slowly, while the dry products of dried mushrooms will contain more minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc. These are the minerals that are indispensable for the baby during the long period. In addition, mushrooms contain double-stranded ribonucleic acid, which can prevent influenza from embolism. Baby eating mushrooms can prevent dental caries. First of all, the mushroom polysaccharide contained in the mushroom queen mushroom can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity, prevent the formation of plaque and prevent dental caries. The mushroom also contains the scent of the scent of guanosine and mushroom, which is aromatic and helps to refresh the breath. In addition, a large amount of vitamin C contained also has the effect of killing harmful bacteria and protecting teeth.



  1. Wash the mushrooms and cut them into pieces.

  2. Washed rapeseed into small pieces

  3. Rice millet is washed clean, first pour the rice and mushrooms into the pot and cook, then put the rape. Feed to your baby after cooking until it is soft.


If you think that the cooked porridge is not delicate enough, you can pour it into the cooking machine and break it. When the porridge such as rape is boiled, it can be boiled in a pot.

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