Recipe: Baby food supplement pumpkin chicken liver noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Baby food supplement pumpkin chicken liver noodles


Give the baby a complementary food, the baby begins to eat complementary food slowly, time is not much, can only take time to do some simple complementary food for her to eat. The chicken liver is iron-filled, the pumpkin is a bit sweet, and it can be made into mud, so I thought of making some noodles. I don't have time to do it. I can only do it on the weekend, put it in a small bag and a small bag, and put it in the freezer.



  1. The pumpkin and chicken liver are cooked with water and smashed into mud with a tool.

  2. Add the flour and noodles and knead it into a slightly harder dough.

  3. After waking up for a while, make noodles. I use a manual noodle machine. For a baby who has never made a pasta from a small to a big home, it is a technical job, or a simple noodle machine.

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