Recipe: Baby food supplement - fish balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Baby food supplement - fish balls


For my brother! My brother is now 10 and a half months. Since I added fish in 7 months, I found that he loves fish very much.



  1. Forgive me for doing things and never think of taking a photo! Prepare ginger velvet, egg white, supplement salt

  2. Open the fish fillet and take the fish. This is very critical, and there must be no fishbone inside.

  3. Pour the fish and egg whites into the cooking machine, add the salt and cooking wine, and break. Beat into a fish mud.

  4. Open cooking! Warm water pot. Remember. After cooking, cool and cool into the refrigerator.


1 fishbone must pick clean. 2 warm water pot. The cold water pot will smash, and the open water will scatter.

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