Recipe: Baby food supplement _ egg yolk rice crackers

Home Cooking Recipe: Baby food supplement _ egg yolk rice crackers


The son is nine months and 20 days old. He can't eat protein or eat sugar within one year old. He doesn't like to buy rice noodles. The recipes on the Internet have added protein and sugar, starch and the like, so I changed myself. Created this formula, I used this formula to make a finger biscuit. He also eats very fragrant. This time it looks like a little steamed bun, but no biscuits are convenient.



  1. Because it is too simple, it will not pass the map. First, break the egg yolk 2, then add 20 grams of rice flour and the right amount of milk powder (no need to add), 3, mix them and then you can make shapes according to your own preferences.

  2. I used the nine-yang oven to roast for about 15 minutes.

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