Recipe: Baby dish stewed tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Baby dish stewed tofu


Record the dishes you have made. This dish is seasoned with only garlic and salt. The very simple taste highlights the sweetness of the tofu and the sweetness of the doll dish. It is very suitable for losing weight or eating too much heavy food to clear your mouth (❁ ́◡`❁)*✲゚*



  1. The doll dish is torn open and washed, the old tofu is cut, and the garlic is chopped.

  2. Pour the right amount of oil into the hot pot. After the oil is hot, pour in the minced garlic.

  3. Pour the baby dish and stir fry for a while until the baby dish is soft. At this point, there should be garlic and nose.

  4. Add the tofu block. Pour in the right amount of boiling water, about two hundred milliliters up and down, not too much, because tofu and baby dishes will come out of the water. Then cover the medium heat for ten minutes.

  5. Turn over the pot and add salt. Continue to cook for a few minutes. You can cook the sauce on the table.

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