Recipe: Baby dish, bacon

Home Cooking Recipe: Baby dish, bacon



  1. Wash the baby dish and roll up a piece of baby food. Wrap the baby dish with bacon and roll it up. Then wrap the bacon with the baby dish and roll it up. This action can be repeated (the toothpick can be fixed because the baby dish and bacon may be scattered)

  2. Put the simmered baby dish and bacon into the pot and add some water to the simmer for a small amount of water. After the color of the dish is changed, add a little salt of pepper in the sauce (because the bacon is salty, so the salt does not need too much). Flameout


I also saw that some people on Weibo shared this practice and tried it. I didn't have this practice in the kitchen. So I would like to share with the kitchen friends the dishes in my picture. I didn't fix it with a toothpick, so it is ugly. If I use a toothpick to fix the dishes, I will compare them. The sauce bag that I use like a flower is the seasoning bag inside the noodle, so the color is darker.

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