Recipe: Babaozhai cuisine

Home Cooking Recipe: Babaozhai cuisine


The first time I sent a recipe. A simple Cantonese-style vegetarian dish, the rich aroma of dry goods after soaking and boiling, stimulates the taste buds between the breath and the breath, and the memories of the mother's cooking in the same dishes come to mind. Although it is not a showcase of cooking, it is a cooking method that you like, and it also brings the taste of your own enjoyment.



  1. Soaking all kinds of dry goods, the time of yuba is a little longer, fans don't need to soak for too long

  2. The fans are slightly cut short, the yuba fungus is torn into small pieces, the mushrooms are cut into small pieces, and the white fruit is removed from the core. The water of the dry goods is kept.

  3. Add a little oil after the hot pot (although the mother repeatedly stressed that it is delicious to cook more vegetables, I still like the light point), add garlic slices and scent.

  4. In addition to the fans and hair dishes, drain the rest of the dry goods into the pan and fry until it smells.

  5. Add the right amount of water to dry the food, chicken powder or stock can also be added at this time. Cook for about 15 minutes.

  6. Add the vermicelli and the hair dish, stir well and season with soy sauce and a small amount of sugar. Fans absorb water quickly and cook as soon as possible after cooking.

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