Recipe: Babao spicy sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Babao spicy sauce


This Babao spicy sauce is a bit spicy in the salty and sweet, typical Shanghai family's next meal.



  1. Pork and chicken are cut into small diced, starch is added, and the cooking wine is slightly marinated;

  2. Dried diced diced; fungus, shiitake mushrooms, soaked, washed, diced, and dried with sauté

  3. After the prawn is semolina, put a little cooking oil in the pot to heat it, and the shrimp is sautéed until cooked.

  4. Put the cooking oil in the pot and heat it. After the onion, the ginger slices are sautéed and removed. The sweet noodle sauce, spicy bean paste, stir fry

  5. In order, pork, chicken, fungus, mushrooms, dried fragrant, ginkgo stir-fry, sautéed and broth, boiled and simmered for 1 minute.

  6. After a small amount of water starch is thickened, add a little cooked oil to brighten it, put it in a pan, sprinkle with pine nuts, and cook the shrimp.

  7. Note: I still haven't bought the soy sauce, so the soy sauce used makes the finished product a little lighter.


Still did not go to buy soy sauce, so the soy sauce used, resulting in a slightly lighter finished product.

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