Recipe: Babao rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Babao rice


Xinjiang people are called * 糯米甜盘 * Southerners call Babao steamed rice, this recipe comes from the sharing of the beautiful mother "Rose", easy to eat! Suitable for all ages, glutinous rice washed, soaked, hours to 48 hours. After soaking, the rice cooker and the rice cooking key are steamed. Don't have too much water, prepare materials during the period, red dates, walnuts, grapes, wash and soak, and if you want to be a castle, go deeper into the bowl. Wipe the edible oil. Lard will be better to eat, the cream will be more fresh to eat, not to eat a variety of vegetable oil, peanut oil can do anything, in addition to rapeseed oil, put the prepared material neatly placed on the bottom of the bowl. Hot, put the steamed glutinous rice. In a bowl, use a special rice spoon to smooth. After letting it cool down, it was buckled in the plate and it became a beautiful glutinous rice castle. Sprinkle some sugar when you eat or make a creamy sugar or brown molasses water and then pour it. ???? pattern to play on their own!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Soaked rice to be cooked

    Soaked rice to be cooked

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Feel free to look at the pattern and enjoy your imagination and creativity!

    Feel free to look at the pattern and enjoy your imagination and creativity!


Do not use too much water, steamed well to break up, red dates can go nuclear, change the side of the map, then to the buckle, eat steamed, eat more delicious!

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