Recipe: Babao glutinous rice chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Babao glutinous rice chicken


Gray often gray and often tender, give all the H7N9 panic, still love to eat chicken drop shoes~~~



  1. The chicken is cleaned up, put into a classic chicken roast, and the claws are removed. Clean up the fat and viscera in your stomach and wash. Spread the pepper and salt inside and outside, add a few slices of ginger and green onion in the belly, brush the cooking wine, put the fresh-keeping bag, throw the refrigerator at a constant temperature, and marinate for at least one day.

  2. Glutinous rice is soaked in cold water at least 2 hours in advance. Dried things such as peanuts and lotus seeds are soaked in warm water. Shrimp go to the line and marinate with cooking wine, salt, and pepper powder (very small amount).

  3. Remove the marinated chicken and control the water. The cauldron is boiled, and the water must have not passed the chicken. After the water is opened, add a small amount of white wine and salt, put the chicken in and cook for about 3 minutes. Take out and drain.

  4. Drain the glutinous rice and peanuts (when cooking the chicken, take the glutinous rice out and put it in the flat plate, put it next to the boiled chicken, when the chicken is taken out, the glutinous rice is basically dried....), shrimp, sausage, mushrooms Carrot diced (the size is almost OK). Mix all these things, add salt, cooking wine, chicken essence (do not put this, do not put it, you can put the hair of the scallops instead), sesame oil, sugar, stir evenly

  5. Put the mixture of 4 into the stomach of the chicken with a spoon, and squeeze it with a spoon while filling it. When it is almost full, it stops. Use a needle thread to seal the opening of the chicken belly. The outside of the chicken body is coated with a mixture of pepper and salt, and the outermost layer is covered with a layer of soy sauce (this is a color drop)

  6. After the cauldron is boiled, put the chicken in and steam. (The chicken breast face down, that is, let the opening of the chicken belly down, which is conducive to the flow of bloody and oily substances.) The plate of the chicken is preferably a little deep, so that you can pick up some steamed chicken soup. Steam for 2 hours on low heat. In the middle, you can open the lid and look at it. If you think the color is not good, or you have a smell, you can pour a little soy sauce and white wine.

  7. Take out the chicken set plate at the point, sprinkle a small chopped green onion flower, and then pour the steamed chicken juice (throw the oil) on it, just fine. Take that line down.


1, the mixture of the fourth step, do not have to make too much, because the chicken is almost cooked in the boiling water for a few minutes, the space in the stomach is very small, can not put too much. Waste is shameful, pro 2, this is a southern dish, the northerners taste slightly, so even a day before the pickled. If it is not marinated, the steamed chicken is very original and needs to be seasoned (directly on a small dish and tasted like rice). 3, the old man said to use a fork to insert the chicken body into the hole, so that the taste is fast, but it feels so troublesome, so ugly, so it is still a lazy person to eat one day ~~ 4, in addition to a long preparation time, it is acceptable, suitable for the break of the class

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