Recipe: Babao fried rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Babao fried rice cake


I fell in love with rice cake after eating the eight-year-old rice cake in the restaurant. This dish is simply a collection of my favorite things!



  1. I will cut all the ingredients, the pieces, the rice cake is softer, I like to cut a little bigger, strip

  2. After pouring the oil into the hot pot, stir all the ingredients into the pan, add the soy sauce, sugar and salt after discoloration. (I have tried both rock sugar and white sugar. It seems that there is no difference. I like to add purple skin to Huaishan. I don't need starchy soup. It is very thick. I don't need children's shoes.)

  3. Stir-fried plate) ^o^(


If you use cucumber diced, it is best to add it at the end, so that the cucumber is crisp and fragrant~ Peanuts should be fried first and then fried with everyone, otherwise it is not brittle ~ Very suitable for bringing rice ~ soup and rice is also very delicious ~ ~

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