Recipe: Babao beef sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Babao beef sauce


Although it is called beef sauce, it is actually between the stew and the sauce, so it is very versatile and has a wide range of uses. Because it takes a lot of time to make it, I will smash it into a large pot at a time, and freeze it in small portions and eat it slowly. The beef sauce made by the company is made of genuine materials, and the ingredients are rich in ingredients. It is very enjoyable to mix rice and noodles. Tanning sauces are a matter of patience. Whether it is the preparation work in the early stage or the fire in front of the stove, it is anxious. Need to sink your heart and follow the process in an orderly manner. In fact, when I do other things, I am always sloppy, only in the kitchen will be patient and meticulous. Some people use meditation to cultivate themselves. Maybe for me, cooking is the best practice.



  1. Soak the peanuts in cold water overnight. Wash mushrooms, chanterelles and black fungus and soak them in warm water

  2. Soak the mushrooms and chanterelles for water filtration, then cut the two separately

  3. Cut the dried cilantro and mustard, chopped the fungus, and prepare the ingredients for use.

  4. Open the oil from the oil pan, pour more oil than when cooking, pour the beef ground meat when the oil is not hot.

  5. While frying, smash the ground meat and fry until the beef is discolored.

  6. Continue to stir fry, thoroughly fry the water in the beef, then stir fry the garlic and ginger.

  7. Cook the cooking wine and continue to stir fry until the beef is slightly browned

  8. Pour in a small bowl of water, shovel the minced meat sticking to the bottom of the pot, turn off the fire and use it.

  9. Take another saucepan, heat it on medium and small heat, pour 200ml of vegetable oil into the fruit, star anise and fragrant leaves.

  10. After the spices are scented, pour in mushrooms, chanterelles, shrimp skin and Pixian watercress, stir fry for about 3 minutes until the red oil

  11. Then add the mustard, dried fragrant, fungus and dried chilli, and continue to stir fry for about 5 minutes until all the ingredients are fried.

  12. Pour the previously fried beef into a whole pot and pour the peanuts into the drained water.

  13. Pour the water that has been soaked in the mushroom before the pour, and if necessary, pour the appropriate amount of warm water to make the soup and the ingredients almost flush.

  14. Cover the lid and boil, then pour in soy sauce, black pepper, oyster sauce, rock sugar and soy sauce.

  15. Pick out the grass, the leaves and the octagonal. Cover the lid and simmer for one hour. Do not open the lid after the time is up, let the whole pot of meat sauce cool naturally.

  16. Then fire again, boil and simmer for another hour.

  17. Pour in the sesame oil and mix well to turn off the heat.


When frying beef, be patient and dry the water. When frying mushrooms and other side dishes, pay attention to the heat and don't fry. You should fully use the flavor of each ingredient. The two times before and after stewing are to make all kinds of ingredients fully flavored. , more integration with each other If time is limited, you can stew once on the first day, cool it, put it in the refrigerator overnight, and then fire the next time for the second time.

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