Recipe: B-52 Cocktail

Home Cooking Recipe: B-52 Cocktail


B-52 is a unique type of cocktail drink, with a straw and a lighter. I ignite the wine and drink it with a straw. The boys can drink it without a habit. When you drink, you will feel the ice and fire two days because it is a short drink of spirits, so the carrying cup is a small bullet cup, the effect looks very dazzling.



  1. Be sure to warm the cup before pouring the wine, otherwise it will not ignite.

  2. First pour the nectar into the bullet cup

  3. Use a spoon to stick the cup of sweets on the wall of the cup and slowly pour it into the cup along the spoon (note: be sure to be slow, otherwise the hand will not be able to separate the layer.)

  4. Finally, pour vodka into the above method and re-ignite.


When you drink, you can use it directly into the bottom of the cup. If the vodka is not flammable, it may be that the degree of alcohol is not high enough. Try changing the amount of white wine. The proportion of the wine I made did not press 1:1: 1 because the cup is too small, the number of ounces can vary according to the size of the cup.

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