Recipe: Axillary buds---self-made organic sprouts at home

Home Cooking Recipe: Axillary buds---self-made organic sprouts at home


It is the smallest of the leguminous plants and was originally the most important legume forage crop in the United States. The protein content of axillary bud is higher than other beans, including minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium and magnesium, and vitamins a, b1, b2, b6, b12, c, e, k and various amino acids and enzymes. It is rich in nutrients, low in calories, refreshing and delicious. It is good for raw food, good for health, and can turn acidic blood into weak alkaline. It contains high amount of vitamin E, which can prevent the production of peroxide lipids and strengthen blood vessels. Make blood circulation smoother. It has the effect of preventing aging, preventing adult diseases and beautifying the skin. Alfalfa is the smallest of the leguminous values, but its nutritional value is much higher than other bean species. Because the roots will extend to the bottom of the ground about a hundred feet deep, it can absorb a variety of nutrients and minerals. In advanced countries such as Europe, America, and Japan, because of the strong recommendation of the medical community and nutritionists, raw food is very popular, and almost all supermarkets, health food stores, and fast food restaurants can see boxed or bulk axillary buds. . The salad bar is definitely a must. The axillary bud contains 1.5 times of protein and minerals (calcium, potassium, iron, etc.), and its alkaline degree is higher than that of spinach. The spinach is only 15.6%, but the axillary bud is as high as 61.5%. Since axillary buds contain almost all of the important amino acids, they are of great help in the treatment of arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure and cholesterol. In order to eliminate head, waist, limb fatigue, and prevent malnutrition, constipation, hair, nail fragility, nervousness, anxiety and other symptoms. It has low calories, high nutrition, and is crisp and delicious. It can be eaten raw, soaked in soy sauce, or made into sandwiches. At the same time, there is a characteristic that long-term cooking is not bad, and Americans eating axillary buds are more common than our Chinese people eating green bean sprouts. (From Baidu Encyclopedia, give you some reference)



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