Recipe: Avocado Yakult

Home Cooking Recipe: Avocado Yakult


A large box of avocados in the house is waiting to be eliminated. I have tried many kinds of eating methods. Although they are all good, they don’t fit into my heart~ until I try @SapphireBlue, I take avocado and Yakult to make a milkshake, just like the dark world. Suddenly there is light! ~ Do not want to stop drinking ~ ~ milkshake geological silk, you can dig with a spoon to eat, but definitely do not feel too dry ~ in short, you can really try it!



  1. Pour 200ml of Yakult into the blender

  2. Half avocado cut into small pieces and put in a blender with Yakult

  3. Start the blender and hit the flesh without a large avocado


Yakult I bought a small bottle, a row of five. Each bottle is 100ml, and 2 bottles are poured. The milkshake feels just like the consistency! If you buy a large bottle of yourself to 200ml, just fine~

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