Recipe: Avocado whole wheat bread

Home Cooking Recipe: Avocado whole wheat bread


Cooked avocados can't be eaten as long as you can make bread crumbs~ Add a little whole wheat with olive oil instead of butter. Finished gray often ~ soft and light avocado aroma changed from the second book necessary for baking novices



  1. Avocado (mature) takes the pulp into a puree (with a small amount of small particles), and the final amount of pulp is about 100-110g.

  2. Mix all the ingredients evenly into dough, add olive oil directly, remember to reserve 10g of milk, add it according to the actual situation, and then add it to the expansion stage. After one round of double, take it out and divide it into two parts.

  3. Form an olive shape, or any other shape you like, two to two times larger

  4. After fermenting, cut the mouth, put a little butter at the cutting mouth, the crack will be more beautiful, the oven can be baked for about 22 minutes at 170 degrees, remember to cover the tin foil after coloring.


1. The original party uses 110g lactic acid drink. I can change it to milk without hand. It can be the same. 2. Plastic surgery can be based on your own preferences. Remember to adjust the corresponding time. Ha3, after drying, warm to the temperature. When you are hot, put it in a storage bag so that the bread will remain soft.

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