Recipe: Avocado two-tone milkshake

Home Cooking Recipe: Avocado two-tone milkshake


This milkshake is very rich in color~ brightly colored, with a cup of cereal in the summer morning, and a good mood every day~



  1. Bottom layer: Avocado kiwi diced, add a small amount of yoghurt and a little lemon juice and mix well with the cooking machine. To ensure the layering effect, the bottom layer must be thick enough, otherwise the top layer will collapse after it is added.

  2. Top layer: mango cuts with a small amount of yogurt and mix well

  3. Tilt the cup, first add a thicker green milkshake, then slowly add a thinner orange milkshake. You can use a spoon to add a spoonful of milkshake to the cup to help the milkshake better position.


1, do not put too much avocado, otherwise it will be a bit stuffy, anyway, half is my limit. 2, when the photo is taken, the two milkshakes are evenly mixed. At the beginning, the bottom layer is deliberately made thick, and then you can add some yogurt to dilute, the taste will be better.

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