Recipe: Avocado Sweet Orange Shake

Home Cooking Recipe: Avocado Sweet Orange Shake


The fifth year of understanding with avocado~ I don’t know if I want to peel the skin from the beginning, I don’t know how to soften it; then I fell in love with white avocado and then opened the new world of avocado milkshake! To avocado salad bibimbap, it is very easy to accept avocados now~ I was looking for a milkshake at the market when I was hitting a milkshake. I was curious about adding an orange fantasy. Real monkey monkey drink! In my heart I have surpassed avocado, milkshake, avocado, milkshake, avocado and milkshake! The rich silky avocado milkshake is mixed with the orange fiber of the orange, and each mouth has a fresh feel~



  1. The avocado is cut in half and the orange is cut into pieces. I use a smaller sugar orange ~

  2. The avocados are peeled and diced, the oranges are peeled, and the flesh is gently peeled off to remove the white fascia of the oranges. Throw the blender together and add milk.

  3. Stir well with your hand blender, juicer, cooking machine or broken machine!

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