Recipe: Avocado squid multicolored rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Avocado squid multicolored rolls



  1. First, the Japanese-style squid squid is naturally thawed, and the squid is cut into sections of about 3-4 cm.

  2. Avocado peeled into small diced, can also be stirred into a mud

  3. Burdock, yam peeled, cut into thin strips longer than the squid section. Soaked in salt water for a while

  4. Carrots, pea sprouts are also cut into long strips

  5. Boil the water in the pot, add the carrots, and boil the sirloin for 30 seconds.

  6. Take a variety of filaments, place them neatly, and roll them with squid slices.

  7. Finally, the Japanese-style yellow marinated robe was cut into thin strips and tied tightly. Topped with avocado, red crab seeds can be


1. The squid is rich in nutrients and can be used not only as the main ingredient of Japanese-style squid rice, but also as a family-style 5-minute creative dish. 2. The squid is entangled in burdock and raw yam, which is both healthy and unique. 3. The seasonal pea sprouts that are involved in the spring are not only bright and beautiful, but also have a refreshing taste, which echoes the green avocado above. Red crab seeds are the finishing touch, making people visual and taste amazing.

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