Recipe: Avocado smoked salmon open sandwich

Home Cooking Recipe: Avocado smoked salmon open sandwich


I like the taste of avocado too much, so smoked salmon is also Another quick lunch



  1. The avocado is cut in half and the kernel is dug out. It is placed in a small bowl and pressed into a mud with a fork. I prefer the taste of a piece of avocado, so I just pressed it a little and kept the shape.

  2. Cut the small pieces of tomato into the avocado and mix well. Sprinkle a little bit of salt and black pepper to taste. It doesn't need a lot because the smoked salmon is more salty. Then squeeze in half of the lime juice, one can neutralize the greasyness of the salmon and avocado together, and secondly avoid the black of the avocado

  3. Put the bread on the sides of the pan and bake it to a bit crispy. Take it out and put it on the plate.

  4. First, paste the butter on the bread, spread a layer of salmon on it, sprinkle some black sesame seeds, cut a piece of lime to decorate (you can squeeze the juice on the salmon when you eat) and you can eat it.


Don't want seeds and juice when dicing tomatoes It’s best to use bare rye bread, it’s healthier, and it’s richer in eating.

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