Recipe: Avocado puff

Home Cooking Recipe: Avocado puff



  1. Butter, water, sugar and salt are all in the pot

  2. Heat and stir evenly

  3. When the oil boils, turn to a small fire and pour all the flour at once. Stir quickly with two spoons, stirring until the flour is all infused with moisture and not sticky. Turn off the fire

  4. Wait for the batter to cool to room temperature, and pour the egg liquid into multiple times; stir each time and mix it again.

  5. Adjust the amount of egg liquid according to the water absorption of the batter. When the egg liquid is added and stirred evenly, use a spoon to pick up the batter. The batter can be inverted triangle shape and will not drip. At this time, you can stop adding the egg liquid.

  6. Using a pair of spoons, shape a small piece of batter that has been dug up by a spoon and scrape it onto the baking sheet.

  7. Keep a certain distance between each puff

  8. 210 degrees, middle layer, about 12 minutes, at this time the puff is expanded and shaped, the oven temperature is reduced to 180 degrees, and the baking is continued for about 25 minutes until the puff surface is tan.

  9. Avocado one, cut open

  10. Excavate the flesh, smash it, add honey and whipped cream

  11. Mix well, that is, stuffing

  12. Take a puff, use a knife to make a mouth, and use a small spoon to pour the avocado filling into it.

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