Recipe: Avocado milkshake

Home Cooking Recipe: Avocado milkshake


Avocado is delicious and not wasted



  1. It is better to use avocado for ripening, because the avocado pulp is soft and soft, and it tastes better after being made into a milkshake. Use a knife to cut a circle along the middle core, then hold the reverse stitch in the upper and lower halves, and the avocado is divided into two. Remove the middle core and dig out the flesh for later use.

  2. Pour the excavated pulp and milk into the blender and add a spoonful of condensed milk.

  3. Start the mixer, mix well and pour into the cup.


The raw avocado can be made into sushi and salad. It is better to make a jam or a milkshake. The method of judging whether it is mature is to squeeze the shell slightly. If it feels soft, it is mature. Avocado should be stored refrigerated. If it is not properly preserved, it will have a disgusting smell of rotten eggs. . .

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