Recipe: Avocado local salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Avocado local salad


First of all, I made changes based on the recipes of the world! I’ve been curious about this fruit species! Why is it so expensive? Then... let's first take a look at this strange, expensive fruit! Avocado is avocado. Avocado, also known as avocado, is an evergreen tree of the family Amaranthus and Avocado. It is also one of the woody oil trees. Plants can grow to 20 meters high, leaves alternate, evergreen; flowers small, yellow-green; fruit is stone fruit, pear-shaped; contains a cardiovascular toxin Persin, is a natural mycotoxin, no obvious toxicity to adults (children And pets are toxic), the seeds are large, growing in the center of the fruit, about 3 to 5 cm in diameter. The oil content of nuts is 8% to 29%. Its refined oil is a kind of non-drying oil. It is non-irritating, has low acidity, and can be preserved for a long time after emulsification. Besides eating, it is also one of the raw materials for high-grade skin care products and spa. Avocados are usually eaten raw and are not commonly used to cook. In Western cooking, people often cut them in half and then season with sour sauce, mayonnaise or lemon juice, salt and pepper. Avocado salad is the main method of Western cooking. Avocado mexican sauce is the most popular Mexican dish, and it is usually eaten with staple food. Use a stainless steel knife to cut the avocado in half. If the meat sticks to the core, gently twist it in the opposite direction, then use a knife or a spoon to pry it out. The avocado should be placed last for cooking. Avocado fruit is a fruit with high nutritional value. It contains a variety of vitamins, rich fatty acids and protein. The content of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium is also high. The nutritional value is similar to that of cream. It has the reputation of “forest cream”. In addition to serving as fruit, it can also be used for dishes and cans.



  1. First put the eggs in the water and cook for about 6 minutes. Cook it! If you like to eat a little egg yolk, the time will be shorter. If you are older, it will take a little longer.

  2. After cooking, put in cold water and cool, then cut the eggs into small pieces for use.

  3. The avocado is cut in half (according to the nucleus), the shell of the avocado is very hard, and the entire flesh is peeled off. Then the avocado is cut into small pieces and placed in the tray of the fresh egg.

  4. Wash the tomatoes, cut the small pieces and put the ingredients before.

  5. I used three pieces of bacon, which added more and less according to my own preferences! Then cut into small portions and stir-fry in a hot oil pan! However, I did not put the oil, and directly fry the oil of the bacon itself, probably a little discolored, can smell the scent can come out! Put the fried bacon into the spare ingredients before!

  6. Finally, sprinkle some salt and black pepper, the beautiful salad is delicious!


I don't have any salads, just salt and black pepper! Because I saw people say that avocado is very hot! It’s just that there is no such thing at home...

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