Recipe: Avocado ice cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Avocado ice cream



  1. Avocado is cut, peeled and nucleus, and enlarged in a bowl.

  2. Add whipped cream and use a pestle to knead the avocado with a mix of whipped cream and avocado. (I use the cookware for pressing mashed potatoes)

  3. When you can't see the big avocados, just add some small granules and add the granulated sugar, then stir with a whisk. If you prefer a soft mouthfeel, continue to squeeze the avocado until you don't see any particles.

  4. Stir until the fine sugar is thoroughly mixed and put it in the refrigerator.

  5. Take it out every two hours and stir it with a spoon, then put it back.

  6. It will be completed at least 3 times.


I use the whipped cream made of soy milk, which has a very strong soy milk flavor. It tastes very fragrant. It is relatively healthy compared to the light cream made from cow's milk, and the calories are lower. This kind of soy milk whipping cream is more difficult to find, and friends who like it can go to the store that sells vegetarian food to look for it. Of course, ordinary whipping cream is also possible. Fine granulated sugar can also be replaced by xylitol or sugar substitute. Friends who like sweet can add more sugar.

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