Recipe: Avocado Grapefruit Salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Avocado Grapefruit Salad


Avocado, also known as avocado, has a smooth mouthfeel and has no special taste. It needs to be seasoned. The easiest thing is to use a fork to grind it into a coarse mud, mix it with salt and lemon juice, then spread it on the slice of bread as thickly as butter, and slice the whole wheat with a chewy head and add a piece of cheese. The tablets are better to eat, you can try. In addition, the crushed avocado meat is mixed into white sugar and mixed well. It is eaten directly with a spoon. It tastes like a whipped cream. The white sugar will be a bit awkward when chewed. It is very fun. It can also be eaten like sashimi like Japanese. Look for a raw avocado, cut in half, remove the core, and then all two, peel off the skin, cut the flesh into thin slices, plate, prepare a small dish of soy sauce, a little mustard. Eating and eating, the taste is a bit like eating salmon, soft and tender. Pay attention to “Xiao Yu Private Kitchen” and update three to four private kitchen menus every night. WeChat public account: "xiaoyusichu" Sina Weibo: Tong Xiaoyu



  1. Cut the avocado in a longitudinal direction and cut a knife around the core. Hold both sides with both hands and twist it slightly. The two sides are separated, and then peeled to the core, it is very convenient. Cut the avocado into small pieces

  2. Peel the grapefruit into small pieces

  3. Mix the two with your favorite flavor of salad dressing.

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