Recipe: Avocado Cream Sauce Pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Avocado Cream Sauce Pasta


I used avocado to make pasta sauce and cooked it to the plate. At noon, I found some milk in the refrigerator. I added the cheese powder and cooked it into a creamy sauce. It tastes great. I will continue to do so tomorrow, the blue sauce and white sauce. The combined effect is milky green.



  1. Take the pot and boil it, add a spoonful of salt, add the pasta, the cooking time is one minute less than the packaging instructions, here I used 9 minutes;

  2. Garlic and onion are chopped in pieces for 9 minutes, and the sausage is sliced. The avocado is dug out and crushed into a sauce with a knife back (if it is not soft enough, the avocado can be cut with a knife);

  3. After the material is ready for 9 minutes, prepare an empty bowl and carefully pour the half bowl of the noodle soup. Then remove the pasta and set aside. Add some olive oil and gently stir to prevent sticking together.

  4. Pour half a bowl of milk into the half-boiled noodle soup, add the cheese powder and stir until the cheese powder melts;

  5. In a separate pan, pour the right amount of olive oil, add the chopped garlic onion, stir fry the scent, add the chopped mini sausage, stir fry for a while, pour in the half bowl of the milk that was just prepared, and cook until the broth Add thick pasta and add pasta to mix well;

  6. Pour the avocado into the sauce and quickly pour the remaining half of the bowl of milk juice, stir quickly, stir the butter with the noodles, sprinkle the pepper and stir it. If it feels too dry, there is enough oil to pour the amount of olive oil quickly. After mixing, turn off the heat, add a proper amount of herbs and stir evenly.


The first pasta to make butter sauce is that there is no milk juice. The effect is basically like the color of green sauce. The taste is also superb. It will precipitate some green oil. Adding milk juice is a bit like adding white sauce. So that the sauce becomes thicker and neutralizes the oily; in fact, if you use whipped cream, the milk taste will be more concentrated. If it is light cream, you don't need to add cheese powder. It can directly replace milk and cheese powder, but at the same time, if you don't add Half bowl of noodle soup will taste lighter, you need to add another spoonful of salt; in fact, you can use cheese slices to open it. In fact, if you don't use cheese, you can use the same milk, just like a plate; if you use one whole face Avocado has extra sauce, so half avocado is enough, but I still recommend using one whole, otherwise it is not good to save the remaining half. This sauce is really super delicious. It is recommended to add more pepper. At noon, I smashed the plate again. I can't say the exact amount. I can do it according to my usual preferences. In fact, I don't need cream or milk. Pepper taste will be overshadowed avocado, but it is also equally super delicious, just a little more oil and green, have the opportunity to try the pasta just add guacamole, ah, I'm serious! ! ! In view of the fact that some small partners say that they are too tired, if they feel too tired, squeeze some lemon juice after finishing.

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