Recipe: Autumn Pumpkin Raisin Sandwich

Home Cooking Recipe: Autumn Pumpkin Raisin Sandwich


On the autumn morning, a hot pumpkin sandwich, sweet pumpkin puree with sour and sweet raisins, heated with a sandwich maker, a bit of crispy noodles wrapped in soft savory pumpkin stuffing and a cup of hot milk, then It's even more perfect! ~(^ω^)ps no sandwich machine can be heated and compacted with a pan



  1. Pumpkin and sweet potato washed and peeled and cut into small pieces and steamed in a microwave oven (or steamer, pay attention to add a plastic wrap to prevent water from flowing in). I usually cut the flakes. After each heating for 3 minutes, open the spoon and look at the cooked. , usually 3 minutes, that is, 6 minutes cooked.

  2. Steamed pumpkin and sweet potato mashed into a puree, then add raisins and mix well.

  3. Wipe the butter on the outer side of the two slices of bread (just a little bit, help the bread to color), put the sandwich machine, put the pumpkin and stuffing in the middle, and bake for 3 minutes on each side. Cut in half, open it! ~


1. There is no sandwich machine to heat with a pan. After adding the pumpkin stuffing, it can be compacted with heavy objects, or it can be delicious without compaction! ~2, the sweet potato in the pumpkin stuffing tastes better, but it is not necessary, all can be used with pumpkin.

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