Recipe: Autumn pine fried skin

Home Cooking Recipe: Autumn pine fried skin


Autumn wave is the autumn spinach, spinach has a good blood effect, anemia children should eat more. The simple spinach powder that my mom made today is mainly due to the fact that the scorpion is a little anemia, and I am losing weight, so I will eat more spinach and add vitamins!



  1. Wash, drain, and cut the spinachrPut the powder into the bowl and heat it for 7 or 8 minutes.

  2. Processing onions, ginger, garlic

  3. When the oil is 5 minutes hot, the onion, ginger and garlic are fried and the flavor is fried.

  4. Add spinach and stir fry for 30 seconds

  5. Pour in the hot powder and stir well with a shovel

  6. Add a little sweet oil, salt, stir fry evenly

  7. Finally add chicken essence


The powder has been burnt with hot water, so it will be cooked in 30 seconds. If it is cooked for a long time, the spinach will be fried. The sweet oil contains salt, so the salt should be put less. This dish does not have chili, because it is easy to get angry in the fall, so it is not put, but for the better taste, you can put some dried red pepper.

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