Recipe: Autumn persimmon cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Autumn persimmon cake


Eating persimmons is stressful, don't let you eat on an empty stomach, can't eat with sweet potatoes, can't eat with kelp, can't eat too much, it's very troublesome. You can't eat two or three sputum in the air while seeing persimmons on the balcony, not to say morning. Eat fruit is gold, whim, try to make something like bread with persimmon, so you can eat it in the morning, and have the nutrition of fruit. It is better to drink a bowl of porridge before eating.



  1. The yeast is hydrated and poured into the flour. The mixture is evenly kneaded. The dough is slightly soft and fermented for 15 minutes.

  2. Persimmon peeled and pressed into a persimmon puree with a spoon, half into the dough, and allowed to stand for 15 minutes for secondary fermentation.

  3. Steam on the pan, steam and turn to medium heat for 20 minutes.

  4. After the pan is over, put the remaining persimmon mud and cut into cubes.

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