Recipe: Autumn pasta with vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Autumn pasta with vegetables


The recipe is included in "If I have a cafe." 吃~~



  1. Burn a pot of water, turn the fire on, turn to medium heat, add pasta, add salt, cook according to the time given on the package, cook until the mature appearance of eighty-nine

  2. Sliced ​​zucchini, sliced ​​pepper, sliced ​​garlic, peas head and tail

  3. Raw soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, salt, sesame oil into a sauce, stir well. (The ratio I come to my own taste, try to adjust if I feel inappropriate)

  4. Heat the pan, pour the right amount of olive oil, add the garlic slices and zucchini slices, fry until the zucchini slices are ripe.

  5. Stir in the peas and fry until the aroma is gone. (quickly)

  6. Then put in the colored pepper and fry a few times.

  7. Put the cooked noodles, pour in the sauce, stir well, and drain the juice.

  8. Plate, grind black pepper, eat


The amount of salt and water used for cooking pasta: the package is written like this: 100g pasta - 1000ml water -10g salt, convert yourself 哟~ It seems that some people think that sweetness is not sweet, you can reduce sugar at your discretion!

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