Recipe: Authentic Sichuan Spicy Dry Pot Chicken Wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Authentic Sichuan Spicy Dry Pot Chicken Wings


The dried chicken wings are Sichuan specialties that combine incense, hemp and spicy. They mainly use chicken wings as the main ingredient, potatoes, lotus root, onions and lettuce as ingredients. The bottom of the pot is more greasy. After the meal, the remaining soup can be fried with any favorite side dish. The key is that according to this method, a variety of dry pots, dried chicken pots, dried pot ribs, dried pot shrimp, etc. can be evolved.



  1. Wash the chicken wings and chicken legs first, drain the water on both sides of the chicken wings, and change the knife on the chicken legs. Add the chopped ginger, garlic, wine, pepper, and the old flavor to the marinade. Use this time period to process the rest of the side dishes. So the chicken wings will be marinated when the side dishes are prepared.)

  2. Lotus root slices, potatoes can be cut and sliced, sliced ​​onion, lettuce and cucumber cut strips, all ingredients such as celery cut, green pepper, etc. are ready.

  3. The oil in the pot should be slightly more. After the oil is hot, put it into the chicken wings and fry until it is golden on both sides.

  4. More oil in the pot, fry the potatoes and lotus roots separately (this step can also be omitted), just fried and better to eat some

  5. (It is best to clean the pot before each oil drain.) Put the oil in the pan and heat it, then add the ginger slices to the garlic. The dried chili peppers and the onion peppers and the octagonal tangerine peel are scented into the bean paste and the fire is fried into red. Pepper, then put the chicken wings and side dishes all over and stir fry (note that the wide powder should be softened with hot water beforehand)

  6. Stir fry evenly, add the celery section and stir well. Add the vinegar and sugar to the pan and sprinkle with white sesame.


1. The most important thing is that all the ingredients in step 5 must be fried after the oil is hot, and the ginger slices are dried and peppery. If you want to be spicy, use the spicy dried chili pepper and then mix it with the spicy. Chili (this is both good-looking and spicy enough). Douban sauce should be fried in red. 2, after all the dishes are stir-fry, if the color is not in place, you can use soy sauce and taste very fresh to color and taste 3, vinegar and sugar right amount, just to enhance the taste.

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