Recipe: Authentic Sichuan cuisine spicy spicy fragrant blood

Home Cooking Recipe: Authentic Sichuan cuisine spicy spicy fragrant blood


I always wanted to learn how to be a good doctor, but I don’t know how to be authentic. This is what I learned from the video of the lectures given by the teachers of the Chengdu New Oriental Cooking School on the Internet. It should be more authentic and I hope it will be useful to everyone.



  1. Washed with bean sprouts, sliced ​​with blood, sliced ​​with ham, sliced ​​with lean meat, cut with hair about 1 cm wide

  2. Bloody water, spare

  3. Burn the oil, stir fry the hot pot, add the ginger and garlic to stir fry, add the water to the fire and boil. The soup is beaten with slag, and then salt is added (according to your salty bottom, you can control the amount, if the salty is just right without salt), add a little soy sauce, a few rock sugar

  4. Add the bean sprouts to the original soup, and then harvest and enlarge the bowl, then add the meat slices, the hairy belly, the ham to salvage the bowl, and finally add the blood, and pick up the bowl.

  5. Add the pepper oil to the original soup, then pour the soup into the bowl.

  6. Burn the oil, add the dried chili, stir fry the pepper, pour it into the bowl, and finally sprinkle with chopped green onion.


People who care about me may know how much I can eat spicy, recipes will be numb and spicy, can not eat hemp and spicy pro, chili peppers to reduce the amount of recipes, I made two bowls on my picture

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