Recipe: Authentic ribs with potato

Home Cooking Recipe: Authentic ribs with potato


Authentic pork ribs potatoes, must use the ribs fat and thin, so the taste is better! Beans want to buy stewed love! Potatoes choose potatoes! You must love to eat like this, and you are very good!



  1. Wash the beans, do not put oil in the hot pot, stir fry and stir it!

  2. Copy the ribs with water and cook! No bloodshots can be used, and spare!

  3. Put the oil in the pot, then add a little pepper to the aniseed, ginger and green onions! Stir the scent and put in the ribs! Stir a few times into the sugar! Put a little soy sauce! Finally put the boiling water over the ribs! Put a few drops of white vinegar!

  4. Steak the ribs for 10 minutes and put in the beans! Small fire ribs stewed for 1 hour! Put in the potatoes! After the potatoes are simmered, the soup can be simmered in the fire and put into the garlic! Just out of the pot!


Be sure to put white vinegar and white sugar to make the pork ribs tenderer! Beans should also be chosen! If you like spicy food, you can put a little red chili pepper fry in front of the material and it is also very special! Well prepared with rice, oh yeah, old fragrant!

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