Recipe: Authentic pickled fish ~ super simple, forget to buy parsley

Home Cooking Recipe: Authentic pickled fish ~ super simple, forget to buy parsley


Pickled fish is a masterpiece of Sichuan cuisine. The fish fillet is tender and smooth, and the sauerkraut is refreshing, spicy and delicious. The method I use knows that it is simple to buy fish and let the fish owner help me cut the fish fillets. The pickled vegetables are packaged in bags, so that your pickled fish is easier to cook than any dish.



  1. Buy a fish about two pounds, the most common grass carp, squid, squid can, then ask the boss to slice the fish, their piece of fish craft is absolutely fast and good.

  2. Buy a pack of sauerkraut fish kits, omnivorous food stores, and I often buy people's or white homes, only the ones that are made in Sichuan are right, the pickled fish must use Sichuan sauerkraut.

  3. Go back and wash the fish, marinate the fish bones and fish with starch for 5 minutes, then fry the sauerkraut in the pan and fry the sauerkraut, then add the water to boil the sauerkraut, then cook the fish bones for three minutes and then fill the fish. The fish fillets should be spread on the surface with chopsticks. After the fish fillets are white, they will be turned off. Sprinkle with parsley.


The sauerkraut fish bag is salted, so you don’t need to put salt again.

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