Recipe: Authentic Ningbo fried rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Authentic Ningbo fried rice cake


One of the most favorite dishes to eat ~ In the United States want to make Ningbo rice cake, I have to do it myself: glutinous rice flour + sticky rice flour + water, glutinous rice flour and sticky rice flour ratio of 2:1. It is similar to a three-light dough, and then arbitrarily twisted into a shape that is convenient for steaming on the pan. I have divided into three large soup balls. I steamed the rice cooker steamer. After steaming, I will gradually get fat. After steaming, put it in the refrigerator after the cold, and you can fry the rice cake tomorrow.



  1. First, the fresh mushrooms are washed and sliced, and the Chinese cabbage is washed and cut into pieces, and the stems and leaves are separated.

  2. First, hot oil, under the ginger and cabbage stems + mushrooms, stir-fry

  3. First, under the cabbage leaves and rice cakes, stir-fried

  4. First, under the soy sauce and sugar and mushroom broth extract, continue to fry

  5. First, fry the rice cake soft, and then season again

  6. Second, my mother's speculation is: the first 1 and 2 are the same as me, that is, the beginning of 3 is different, then I will skip 1 and 2 directly (because the top is there), I will start from his 3rd step.

  7. Two/3 spread the remaining cabbage leaves evenly on the stems of mushrooms and cabbage

  8. Two/4 and then spread the rice cake evenly on the cabbage leaves

  9. Two/5 spread some soy sauce and shallots on top, sprinkle some cooking wine on the edge of the pot, cover

  10. After the second/6 soft, uncover the lid, add sugar and mushroom essence, and stir again to turn off the fire.

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