Recipe: Authentic Korean Kimchi Rice Cake Instant Noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Authentic Korean Kimchi Rice Cake Instant Noodles


In Korea, I learned a few Korean dishes during the past few years. I went back to China and did it occasionally. ! ! Really moving tears running well.........! ! ! ! ! !



  1. At the same time, take two pots, one pot of water to prepare the noodles, another pot of oil, stir-fry the kimchi and garlic, then add the cabbage and stir-fry.

  2. After a little frying, the cabbage is cooked quickly. Add about 300ML-400ML water. Cover the pot and boil. Add a spoonful of hot sauce, half a spoonful of sugar, instant noodles and seasoning. Add the rice cake to the pot and start cooking for about 5 minutes.

  3. Another pot of water is boiled into the instant noodles. Cook until the quick-cooked sandwich is filled with cold water. Soak the time according to the various instant noodles.

  4. Pour the instant noodles soaked in cold water into the rice cake pot, stir the oil and collect the juice.

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  6. Grow it up~


Spicy sauce and sugar are increased or decreased according to personal taste. So every time I use Korean spicy instant noodles and 2 spoonfuls of hot sauce and a spoonful of sugar. But my mother can't stand it every time. I can't stand it according to your taste. Korea's instant noodle has many choices. It is recommended to use homemade instant noodles because the taste of the seasoning package is not authentic~ I wish you all a happy meal.

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