Recipe: Authentic Korean kimchi cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Authentic Korean kimchi cake


Kimchi cake Smecta to the Koreans



  1. Cut the garlic into chopped garlic and serve. (The sesame oil is more fragrant on the top)

  2. Add diced green onion, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, and chicken essence. Mix well.

  3. Add a little oil to the pot, add the lean minced meat, stir-fry the minced garlic, and add a little white pepper when stir frying. Stir-fried spare.

  4. Purple onion and spicy cabbage are cut into filaments. White tofu was ground with a knife back.

  5. Take a large bowl and add the prepared onion, spicy cabbage, tofu, and minced meat. Add the right amount of salt, chicken essence, and mix well.

  6. Add flour to the pot. After two times, I will feel dry, then add eggs and spicy cabbage juice! Spicy cabbage juice is very refreshing~ then stir into a paste in one direction.

  7. Add a little oil to the pan. Spread the paste into a thin layer. When the shaking pot cake can slide, the underground side is cooked. At this time, turn the pot over.

  8. The other side can also slide when the cake is cooked. Pan ~~


Adding spicy cabbage juice to the noodles is a secret. If you are too dry, add water. The flaps will be easier to cook when the pancakes are cooked, but the steam reflux cake will be tender. If you don't cover it, you can have a crisp side, but the premise is that the cake is very thin~ In addition, the authentic kimchi cake is also added with a finger-length leeks, and the taste is not bad. Today, if the leek is not bought, it will not be added.

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