Recipe: Authentic kimchi

Home Cooking Recipe: Authentic kimchi



  1. Take a Chinese cabbage and cut the cabbage into four pieces.

  2. Cabbage should be first impregnated with salt water, water and salt at 10:1, and all the cabbage should be dipped in salt water.

  3. Then open the cabbage leaves, layer the layer of Shanghai salt, then put the cabbage back into the salt water, press a stone, and soak for 8 hours. (Be careful to observe the change of cabbage from time to time, completely soft and collapsed, you can fish out, if it is too long, it will be salty)

  4. Put 10g kelp, 50g dried shrimp, 50g dried squid, put it into gauze bag, put it into 1000mL of clear water and boil it, then turn to medium heat, then cook for 10 minutes to turn off the fire.

  5. Let the soup cool, add silver fish sauce, squid fish sauce, shrimp paste, chili powder, stir well, then add garlic, ginger and porridge cooked in advance, continue to stir. Finally, put the cress section, the onion section, the white radish strip, mix well, seal, and put it into the refrigerator to wake up for 6-8 hours. (Let the flavors of various spices and ingredients fully blend)

  6. After the sauce has been awakened, remove the softly sautéed cabbage from the salt water, wash it, and drain. The sauce is then evenly applied to the inside and outside of each cabbage leaf.

  7. After all the cabbage is wrapped in the sauce, put it in a sealed container and store it in cold storage. (One month, pay attention to the middle of the lid to prevent damage to the kimchi fermentation, so that after a month of pickling, you can eat)

  8. The healthiest eating time is from the fourth week to the eighth week.

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