Recipe: Authentic Guangdong Herbal Tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Authentic Guangdong Herbal Tea


If you want to eat chuanchuan, hemp and barbecue, you need to prepare this cup first. Moonlight, according to the earth hall, summer evening, to eat cold ~ ancient honey herbal tea made with honeysuckle, kapok, prunella, silk flowers and chrysanthemum, no spicy summer night, you need this cup! There was a summer in my memory, and my closest grandmother had a serious heat injury. I didn't see a cold or cold wind when I was five or six years old. My grandmother, who was stunned by the hot weather all the time, made me particularly worried. I seem to be particularly stubborn and believe that this is a serious disease, and even firmly believe that this It is the secret that only I found alone. I started to sleep later every night than my grandmother. The stuffy nose often interrupted her snoring. This sudden silence made me wake up repeatedly in sleepiness. I lay carefully beside her and learned how it looks in the movie. I reached out and explored her breath until the kind of hot air hit me in my hand, which made me feel at ease. Grandma probably got sick for two or three days. I was so anxious that I couldn’t do it. I didn’t dare to tell my parents about this “terrible guess”. I could only urge my grandmother to go to the doctor. My grandmother said that I didn’t need it. I only asked me to go to the drug shop to catch a pair of five. Take the tea back and drink. About my trust and even superstition about this prescription started from this time. I really saw my grandmother recover slowly, and the symptoms that bothered her eased. She gradually recovered her vitality. After I was in elementary school, my mother taught me to start to recognize Chinese medicine as a medicated diet. I realized that although Wuhua Tea is not what I think of "the fairy medicine", it is indeed a cure for summer fire disease. It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, relieving dampness and relieving heat. It has a good relief effect on hot cold. Wuhua Tea is actually a prescription that has been circulating for a long time in Guangdong. For those who love meat and love spicy food in the summer, it is a suitable choice to use this cup of Wuhua herbal tea to eliminate summer. In addition to being the best partner for peppers, it often has sores on the tongue, swollen gums, red tongue and yellow throat, easy to get angry, and friends who feel thirsty and love cold drinks. They should also drink this herbal tea regularly. . So, hurry up before the hot summer and the rainy season!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Preparation ~~~

    Preparation ~~~

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, prunella, sassafras, and kapok.

    Wash chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, prunella, sassafras, and kapok.

  3. Home Cooking Recipe: Put the washed flower tea into drinking water and boil it.

    Put the washed flower tea into drinking water and boil it.

  4. Home Cooking Recipe: Put a good five-flowered tea on the warm and warm, then add a little honey, good to drink and healthy ~ try it!

    Put a good five-flowered tea on the warm and warm, then add a little honey, good to drink and healthy ~ try it!


For women with slow metabolism, it is best to improve their physique through diet or other external interventions. However, it is important to remind everyone that herbal tea is suitable for most people to drink in summer, but those with weak spleen and stomach, It is best not to use herbal tea as a drink for those who are getting sick and who are aunts, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach or diarrhea. I always think that every kind of food is a medicinal material. It is no longer a good thing to eat well. The right thing to eat is the king. I hope that I can help you better understand the properties of each ingredient and let everyone find a more suitable diet.

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