Recipe: Authentic Chongqing face

Home Cooking Recipe: Authentic Chongqing face


Speaking of the impression that Chongqing gives people, people must first think of hot pot, beauty, mountain city or something, but if I say that Chongqing has a kind of food that is more famous than hot pot, it is Chongqing small noodle before the hot pot. The small noodles are the noodles of Chongqing people and Chuandong people. The narrow facets refer to noodles seasoned only with onions, garlic, sauce, vinegar and pepper. In the old Chongqing’s discourse system, even if beef sauce is added, Noodles such as pork ribs and other luxury toppings are also called small noodles.



  1. Prepare various seasonings

  2. Put ginger and garlic into the bowl, pick the shallot and cut into chopped green onion

  3. Take time to adjust the juice when the noodles are not open: add 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1/2 scoop of chicken essence, 1/2 scoop of MSG, 1 scoop of chopped green onion

  4. 1 scoop of pepper powder

  5. 2 scoops of chili oil

  6. 1 scoop of lard, 1 scoop of cooked rapeseed oil, 1 scoop of sesame oil, 1 scoop of peanuts and sprouts

  7. After the water is boiled, put it into the noodles, then quickly stir it with chopsticks, put in the spinach, cook until it is broken, and open a section with your hand. Without white spots, you can put the bowl.

  8. Add 2 tablespoons of noodle soup to the seasoning bowl. If you have bone soup at home, it is best.

  9. Pick the spinach into the bowl and pick the noodles. Put some noodles and pour the prepared juice.


Pay attention to the soup, put it in, do not put it late, stir thoroughly, dissolve into the soup, the soup is more mellow and mellow. For more information, please consult Chongqing Food Selection

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