Recipe: Auricular mushroom, fried mushroom, dish

Home Cooking Recipe: Auricular mushroom, fried mushroom, dish


Simple cooking, healthy vegetarian, help cellulite slimming dinner ~



  1. The fungus is infested with foam, smashed with flour or too white powder, and then rinsed with water. It is best to remove the position of the wooden ear, and the fungus is hidden in the sand.

  2. Fungus, mushroom, doll dish shredded

  3. After the hot pot, the oil is turned off. After the oil is hot, turn it to a small fire, pour in the fungus and the mushroom, stir fry for 2-3 minutes, then pour the baby dish into the medium heat, stir the baby dish and soften the white sesame and black. Pepper, you can


Especially in the weight-loss period, try to touch the oil salt as much as possible. The black pepper powder is already a natural flavor, no need to add salt.

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