Recipe: Aunt's Sichuan pickles

Home Cooking Recipe: Aunt's Sichuan pickles


Although my mother is a Sichuanese, she does not make Sichuan specialties. . This grandmother is 90 years old. Dear Dr. Auntie, I am going to give my mother-in-law a birthday. By the way, how do you teach kimchi? It’s really true. Hahahaha (Note: Cover image from the network)



  1. **Foaming version** Xiaomi pepper and purple ginger treatment wash rice pepper with toothpick poke some holes good taste taste half a pot of cold water plus salt and pepper plus sugar and vinegar plus wine and peeled garlic for the first time can be put more Some salt to avoid soaking (you can add two octagonal will be more fragrant), rice and ginger must be marinated in the amount of vegetables, but if the water is too much, you can take it out for a week.

  2. **Continue bubble version** After a week of foaming, you can start adding some radish cabbage, kidney beans, etc. Every time you add vegetables, add a small amount of salt to maintain the balance of sour water. When the taste of kimchi is only salty, add some Wine pepper and garlic?


1. There is no proportion of aunt's work. . Tears, but I have already remembered the taste of sour water! Badminton 2. When the food is not too good, do not add too much variety of vegetables. Instead, you can use the side dish that can be used when cooking such as ginger pepper. The taste will come later. The better the 3. The direct use of cold water is better than the boiled boiled water. The precautions of boiled water are too much. It is especially easy to get rid of the flowers. 4. The bulk sorghum wine sold by the hotel is better than the Erguotou. Otherwise, the food will be bitter. 5. When a small amount of flower is taken, put a small amount of fresh and tender bamboo shoots (1 or 2 tender shoots in half or triple cut) after removing the flowers. The remedy is to add some wine (10, 15g / two, three money) is also the 6 meters of vinegar soaked in sour water, garlic will become green and white vinegar will not change color, but white vinegar is blending vinegar, so let's measure it yourself.

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