Recipe: Astringent cold rice noodle

Home Cooking Recipe: Astringent cold rice noodle


Sour and spicy, hot summer, come home with a homemade savory rice noodle, full of happiness



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the material, cut the parsley and chopped green onion. Cut the lemon for spare

    Wash the material, cut the parsley and chopped green onion. Cut the lemon for spare

  2. Tomato with a spoon

  3. Peanuts into the oven for 180 minutes and 20 minutes, peeled off and peeled, spare or roast peanuts in a microwave oven.

  4. Rice vinegar, sugar, salt mixed and evenly mixed with sweet and sour vinegar

  5. The rice noodles are soaked in advance and the pulp on the rice noodles is removed. Then boil in the pot and use cold water for later use.

  6. Prepare an appliance that can pick up something. It can be a stone shovel or a rolling pin and bowl

  7. Chop the things in the wooden tray, first lick the peanuts, then simmer the millet or ginger and garlic.

  8. Finally pour in diced green onion, parsley, tomato puree and mixed vinegar. Add the seasoning and sprinkle with peanuts. Lemons are added in portions to prevent the taste from being sour


1. There is no fixed number of grams of material, which is added or subtracted according to personal taste. 2. Can add lemon grass, the flavor is better. 3. Ginger can be placed without affecting the overall taste. 4. Accept good opinions and criticisms. Do not accept the so-called untrue statement. The distribution of the Yi people is relatively scattered, and the practices in each region are slightly different. There is no such thing as the most authentic practice.

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